Artists tell Tales of Colour

Posted on July 4, 2008


Last night, a spectacular exhibition of gentle stories , protest and critiques of conflict and its impact on people who live with it every day, opened at the Blacktown Arts Centre in Sydney . Art Centre Director John Cheeseman spoke about why there’s a need to see the Arab world and its diverse people unfiltered by the media. He shared with the 200 people who were there, a story about a grapevine in his garden many years ago when he was a child. His new neighbours from Lebanon who would play music he hadn’t heard before, came to his front door one day and indicated that they’d like something from a vine in John’s family home. His parents said ‘ yeah, sure!’ and took them to the vine.

When they returned, the grapes were still there, but the leaves were all gone!

I loved this story. i could see where it was heading when John was telling it. Yum! those vine leaf rolls! What else is a grapevine for? 🙂

Tales of colour is at the Blacktown Arts Centre Tuesday-Saturday 10am-6pm, 78 Flushcombe rd, Blacktown.