When the Dog was Just the Dog

Posted on January 4, 2009


In Jeffery Masson’s book ‘ Dogs Never Lie About Love‘,  he explores the emotional lives of ‘our best and truest friend’.    Well, I just love dogs. I can’t imagine a world without them.  The comfort and love they bring into your home and life is without equal. Their emotional brain locks into yours and the unconditionality of their love is humbling.claude-coffee21

So, if you like dogs, you’ll enjoy this great piece of radio by Lea Redfern.  it takes you through lots of emotions–both dark and light, and it even includes a very smooth version of Puppy Love accompanied by suitable howls from a variety of cannines.



When the Dog was Just the Dog

Radio Eye, ABC Radio National

This playful and sometimes dark program reveals that even when the dog is “just the dog” their place in human lives can be essential.

In this era of professional dog walkers and puppy day care, it’s easy to regard dogs as developmentally arrested substitute children. So when radio producer, and then childless owner of two active puppies, Lea Redfern decided to make a program about dogs, she had cause to examine her own motives. What were her dogs to her, what role did they play in her life? These questions led her to think about Georgie, the first dog she ever owned, and the changes in the way we think about, and treat dogs over the last couple of decades.


Greig’s “Morning” from Peer Gynt performed by Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

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