Protest Israeli actions tonight in Sydney

Posted on May 31, 2010



Many civilians on board the international humanitarian aid flotilla to Gaza have been killed by Israeli naval forces. (Media reports put the death toll at 10-19). Israeli commandos descending from helicopters stormed the six-boat flotilla in the early hours of Monday morning, while it was in international waters, about 90 miles (150km) from Gaza, where Israel has no jurisdiction.

For the sake of Gaza, and in memory of those killed

Freedom Flotilla Solidarity Vigil
Sydney Town Hall
5:30pm – 7pm Tuesday 1st June

We call on the Australian government and the international community to end its complicit silence over the attack. We call on them to speak out and condemn Israel’s piracy and murder on international waters.

We call on the Australian government to take this opportunity to stand up for international law, and to lead the international community in condemning Israel’s actions and holding them to account.

We call on our supporters to take this opportunity to tell our government that our country’s political and moral obligations lie with those who seek to peacefully deliver aid, not with a country which repeatedly violates international law.