The Book I’d Always Wanted to Write

Posted on July 30, 2010


JAL & ANA – Chubu International Airport

It was a hot Perth day and a little girl stepped off a plane from a country far, far away. The unexpected heat and her winter woolens made her uncomfortable and hot. She wanted to go back home straight away. If this place is going to be just as hot, why live here she thought.

Her mother and father looked at her, smiling encouragingly. ‘ What do you think of Australia?’ her father said.

‘it’s hot dad. I wanted it to snow’ said Alyce.

Her parents smiled and with a little laugh told her that it will snow sometime. just not now.

Alyce and her parents came from a troubled country and although Alyce’s mother-whose name meant ‘ love’-never wanted to leave her home, she feared the future. Her husband Halim, had wanted to leave for quite sometime and couldn’t see a future in Egypt.

So they left their jobs, sold their possessions and went to whichever western country would take them.

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