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  1. crankyoptimist

    May 12, 2008

    a place to exchange dialogues, views and contraversies…

    …and to vent my spleen 🙂

  2. crankyoptimist

    May 16, 2008

    I’m a radio producer, a community cultural development worker and a sound artist. I work as a freelancer because it is such a drug to be so autonomous. Although the downside is poverty! I guess autonomy is one of my very sacred passions–both on a personal and community level. The other one is the right to live and die with dignity–not just for people, but for all creatures who share this planet with us.

  3. Love your name, and it resonates with me I must say. Perhaps you could add a discussion of your choice of name in your “about” page? I’d be interested to hear more about that. Am a big fan of optimism and resilience, but reserve the right to be grumpy as hell too, given the fuckwittery out there in the world . . .
    And thank you, I’ll be flicking in regularly to follow those links and to enjoy your commentary.

  4. crankyoptimist

    February 2, 2009

    Thank you Miz Lippy!

    Lovely to hear from you. I’m glad you like the name. I would love to hear your thoughts on optimism and resilience as I believe they’re tough states to achieve sometimes.

    I think our default position is pessimism which can lead to apathy on some levels. On other levels, i think it’s about emotional pain. I’ve been thinking a lot about those things because as you say sometimes there’s so much fuckwittery in this world and in your own life; you should be cranky.

    I’m from a migrant family and even though I’ve been here for 40 years or so, the experience of migration has been so formative in my life. It’s an identifier and an anchor. I had lots of experiences of racism and saw my family affected by it and i used to get angry and profoundly melancholy about it all. So the crankiness in the name has come from that experience; from the lack of resolution of racism in Australia and the lack of public and critical discussion about our identity. There were many starts of course; the Whitlam and Fraser years come to mind immediately. But to me, multiculturalism hasn’t been sufficiently supported or properly thought out. It’s such a problematic concept in many ways, because it can’t handle Australia’s First Nations. And that explains to me why there’s so much racism here and why cultural identity has become so important in my life.

    Anyway, one night , during the nightmare that was the Howard years, I got mighty cranky! So this blog came into being. But I’d started to think about effective social change and I had to think beyond my crankiness having spent a lot of time being mad and unsure about how effective it was to be so mad!. I kinda thought that if you wanted things to change, having no hope for them to do so was the wrong way to go. And i felt that you had dismiss your moments of losing hope for an optimism about the work you can do. Once I’d figured that out; i got this name together. Besides, it make people laugh. And what better medicine for the soul than laughter?

    Another thing i think about a lot, is how to actually build the thinking that allows you to become excited about social change and how not to be scared of it. Over the years in my activism against weapons of mass destruction;(i was a greenie in 80’s and was active against nuclear weapons); racism and feminism, i have noticed a certain kind of resignation at best and an apathy at worst in some people who didn’t want to get involved. And i think that that comes from fear and an inadequate education.

    I’m not sure what the school curriculum is like these days, but in the seventies , school gave you no room to explore social life or getting the skills to negotiate your emotions and develop an intelligence about your feelings. So that when you hold a different opinion or you want to live a particular way of life you can negotiate that properly — not to say there’ll be no conflicts, but that when they do come up, they don’t overwhelm you and create lots of tension or frighten you or become intractable on personal , communal or political levels. School may already be educating students in this. But i think that kind of education should be available to all of us, free of charge :).

    Thank you for asking me this question! I had no idea I had so much to say on it 🙂

    I look forward to more on the subject!


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