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News Ltd’s Double Standards On Anti-Semitism

September 2, 2012

0 29 Aug 2012 By Jeff Sparrow Larry Pickering The Australian is all too ready to lambast the Greens or pro-Palestine activists as anti-Semites. What about Larry Pickering, who’s been on their payroll, asks Jeff Sparrow “A fresh wave of racial hatred against the Jewish community, including calls for a Hitler clone and ethnic cleansing, has been […]

Why aren’t there more Asian faces on Australian screens?

September 2, 2012


  2 August 2012, 4.49pm AEST Sky Crompton, Post Graduate Research Candidate at RMIT University Being an Asian in Australia today is very different from ten years ago, especially when it comes to Australian television. Over the past 12-18 months advertising campaigns for a range of high profile brands have featured more Asian characters, […]

Immigration Museums

March 7, 2011


Immigration Museums.

Shame on you Morrison and Abbott

February 22, 2011


The Shadow Immigration spokesman Scott Morrison was so callous last week it offended Neos Kosmos and should mark the end of the Federal Coalition’s infatuation with One Nation’s policies     The asylum seekers who were transported from Christmas Island detention centre to attended the funeral of their loved ones who perished on the shores […]

All our bullies

February 28, 2009


These days Serbia is globally famous for young tennis stars and old war criminals. Also for a young bully, a roughneck basketball player who recently lost his temper in an American bar, and beat an American drinking buddy into a coma.Instead of being arrested and jailed in the US, where he lived, this character fled […]

My seeds and your grandchildren = exotic!

February 5, 2009


Era[c]ing Pasts :: Reinscribing Presence

February 1, 2009


The biggest silence in Australia is about  Indigenous history and people.  We have forgotten our bloody heritage and the injustices that have become part of every day life for indigenous people here. We have just had our national day of celebrating colonialism —Australia Day.   But  despite our Prime Minister’s apology to Indigenous people last […]